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"How to Get Up To $8600 in Free T-Mobile Stock" in Humanizing Technology

I switched to T-Mobile and bought a bunch of stock about a week ago. You can read about my full analysis of why here:

How I Saved $2000, Got 2 New iPhones, & Free International Data by Switching to T-Mobile

The long and short of it was that they removed every single objection I could have had to switching. They even paid off my old contract. Kidding me?

And then today, I watched the live stream of Uncarrier 11 by their most entertaining CEO and CTO. The big announcement was that they’re giving every customer a free share of T-Mobile stock. Here’s what that looks like today:

T-Mobile’s current share price (TMUS: about $43)

So, if you sign up for their lowest individual plan ($50/month), you almost get the first month free. Here’s the exciting part though, and how you turn into Warren Buffett right out of the gate. You can earn up to 100 shares per year, for free, simply by inviting new customers to switch to T-Mobile or set up a new line. If you’ve been a T-Mobile customer longer than 5 years, you get 2 shares for every sign up.

In essence: 100 invites * $43/share * 2 shares for tenured customers = $8,600.

Is this a good idea for T-Mobile? Of course it is. They’re using the standard Silicon Valley viral invite system, much like Dropbox (invite a friend, get more storage space). Only they’re a wireless carrier and giving you ownership in the company. So it gets you started with investing (awesome), gets you the best wireless carrier in the US (seriously, I did the analysis), and gives you the ability to make some real money ($4300 if you’re a new customer per year is nothing to shake a stick at).

I’ve got 10 invite codes. If you want me to invite you, I’d be happy. If you sign up and stay a customer for 2 weeks, you get a share of stock and I get a share of stock.

I’m, again, flabbergasted at how amazing this company is at not only removing your objections to switch, but actually give you a real financial incentive to switch AND invite your friends along with you.

Consider me sold, and sold again. I have zero buyers remorse. And think I’ve made a pretty sound investment.

Give me a shout if you want some free T-Mobile stock.

— Sean

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