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Insight for What Caused the Big Bang

Defining God’s Drop of Chaos that set the Universe in motion

I. Setting the Stage

A few years ago, I watched a physics video. Maybe it was by Neil deGrasse or Michio Kaku. Can’t remember precisely. But in said video there were a number of small ball bearings equally spaced around a floor that went on forever. The narrator told you to imagine that the floor was the infinite universe and the ball bearings represented matter (e.g., a planet).

Next he asked you to imagine that the force of gravity between each “planet” was exactly equal, pulling and tugging on each other at the exact same amount. Because of this, a “planet” in the center would not ever move. Every single piece of matter in the universe would be motionless. There was nothing out of place. It was perfect. There was no entropy, no movement, no life.

II. God’s Drop of Chaos

You might be able to imagine what happened next. The tiniest outside force exerted on one of the ball bearings moved it ever so slightly. Gravity acting upon each ball bearing was now able to pull one ball closer to the next because it was slightly closer and therefore more “attractive”.

From that, motion began, the movements and orbits began. Atoms turned into particles. Particles into dust. And dust into planets. And then, of course, life.

But it begged a question that the narrator never got to, nor answered.

What was the force that set the universe in motion?

I called it God’s Drop of Chaos because I imagined a leaky faucet where a tiny bit of chaos just dripped, dripped, dripped into the sink of the universe. It set everything in motion and continued to create entropy. Of course, the time between every drop was the time between the Big Bang and the heat death of the universe. It just kept repeating.

But what I hadn’t figured out yet was what was the fundamental force that caused that first drop? Was it the finger of “God”, whatever that word may mean to you?

Last night, I think I discovered the answer.

III. Time

The answer is time. It’s been staring us in the face all along. If there is no time, there is no motion. Imagine this. Look around at the movement of life. Now stop time like Zack Morris used to do in Saved by the Bell. There is no motion. Nothing moves. There is no life. The entire universe is a static painting. No matter how beautiful that painting, there is no movement.

It’s like the difference between a picture and a video. Instagram and Facebook Live. Without time, social media does not exist.

By now you might be asking, “How does time set the universe in motion?” The answer is in the question.

Recently, scientists discovered a formula for creating Time Crystals. Two independent research teams built two independent time crystals of their own. It was a perpetual motion machine where, in a closed system, time looped back upon itself and the motion kept moving without any outside force.

It seemed to violate the most basic law of physics. There is motion without any energy. But what did we just learn? That time was the “energy” itself. Time created the motion. Because it creates an opening for matter to move through and energy to exist. It is the medium upon which all other things can move.

It’s sort of like a software platform. Without the iPhone, Facebook could not exist. Without paper, a pencil has no purpose and writing, drawing and the transfer of knowledge can’t exist.

IV. How To Use It

Time is your resource. It’s the single most important part of your life. How you use it determines what you get back as a result. Focus on writing, you get better at it. Focus on family, you get better at it.

You eventually become that which you spend the most time on. If you’re not doing something every day, then it doesn’t exist in your life. It doesn’t exist in your time.

A daily habit is your own personal Drop of Chaos. It has gravity that pulls things closer into your life.

Time is the answer. Use it wisely.


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