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Introducing Humanizing Tech’s Think Tank

Getting your own deep thinking analysis or reaching our private, well-read community of thinkers and builders

I. Caliber of our Content

  • We grew our subscribers to 8x over the last 8 months of 2016, growing +6% weekly for a year. Paul Graham describes this growth as the very definition of a “startup”, but we don’t consider ourselves that. This is a labor of love that we’ve been thinking deeply about and publishing for free for the better part of a decade across various platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, Quora, Medium.
  • We have published nearly 500 think pieces in the last year and thousands over the last five that have reached millions of individual humans.
  • Our thinking has graced the pages of major news and media publications (including Huffington Post, The Information, The Mission, The Next Web, Bloomberg, Startup Grind, and CNBC to name a few). Many of these organizations look to us to fill in the gaps of knowledge that they can’t get on their own.
  • Our analyses have garnered many Top Post accolades chosen by the Editors of Medium, and have even made their way before the eyes of Oprah.
  • Our analyses have even been copied (or is the correct word, stolen?) in layout, graphics, and angle from the likes of Bloomberg and something that seems far too coincidental to be an accident from Hodinkee.
  • Humanizing Tech is more popular than AirBnB’s design publication on Medium as well as Medium’s own Engineering publication.
  • Our Alexa rank puts us as the 274,000th most popular website across the United States (even though the official URL has only been up for 6 months), but our breadth goes much further than that. Dare we say, to the cosmos?
  • Our Editor in Chief is the 7th most prolific writer across all of Medium and an elite member of the Top 10% of readers and writers, achieving that pinnacle after only a year of writing, producing content on nearly every aspect of today and tomorrow’s technology.
  • A single analysis of ours was read for over 32,000 minutes in 2016, which is almost a month of man-work-days.
  • We have written the equivalent of over two Hobbit novels in the last year.
  • Our audience includes product managers, engineers, scientists, researchers, Silicon Valley elite, senior executives and decision-makers of technology businesses, marketers, professional athletes, medical doctors, musicians, novelists, agencies, film makers, entrepreneurs of every sort, and some of the most well-read, intelligent, and thoughtful individuals active on the internet today. Most prefer to remain anonymous.
  • We have advised the Executives and Boards of Directors of some of the largest organizations in the world, including global retailers, major financial institutions, and technology organizations.

Our approach is to provide the unvarnished truth of our opinion, regardless of how that might affect us personally, professionally, or politically. We believe that in order to predict the future most accurately, we must enable and incentivize enterprising entrepreneurs to go build it. Sometimes those entrepreneurs include ourselves, but many times it’s about giving others the confidence to Just Do It themselves.

II. Top Analyses of The Last Year

If you’re interested in terms of recommends, virality, and reach:

  1. How to Build 44,000 Facebook Fans in 3 Months
  2. Humanity’s Extinction Event Is Coming
  3. Snowden Was Right, Block Your Mics & Cameras
  4. How To Lose Weight Without Moving
  5. Self-Driving Cars are Hurtling Towards an AI Brick Wall
  6. A Novel Framework for Creating Self-Learning Artificial Intelligence

If you care more about quality, insight, and amount of change it impacts upon corporate roadmaps:

  • 12 Tech Theses of the 2030s includes links to a definitive summary report and individual analyses where product roadmaps and our technological future will head.

You can Search for any keyword you like or just view our Archive. We’re a suggested writer for Business, Technology, Self-Driving, and Investing amongst others. We also Rank #1 on Google for the terminology that we invent, coin, and trademark, such as Biologic Intelligence.

We have patents pending across various technological areas including personalized channels, mobile live streaming, connected cars, and novel approaches to artificial intelligence.

We have founded startups or built technology in each of the areas outlined below. In each case, we were investing and building product years before the rest of the industry. The common thought is that “being early is the same as being late”. But that’s not what JFK believed, nor the rest of the world, when he predicted that mankind would land on the moon within a decade.

  • High-freqency algorithmic trading
  • Daily deals
  • Group text messaging
  • Digital clocks
  • Weather notifications
  • Enterprise-grade online video streaming
  • Artificial intelligence and robotics
  • Animation and emotion detection
  • Choose your own adventure stories
  • Social photo-and-video-sharing apps
  • Gamification systems connecting consumers with the enterprise
  • Media

You can’t build what you don’t see.

III. Pricing & Benefits

We have a few alternative methods to get customized value for yourself or your business. You can hire us privately for strategic help with hairy problems or sponsor part of our publication to get in front of our readers. Our high-level rate card is below.

  1. Take over our entire publication for a week (public): $15,000 USD
  2. Sponsor one week’s email newsletter (public): $5,000 USD
  3. Sponsor a navigation bar page for a week (public): $3,000 USD
  4. Commission a single analysis or sponsor an article (private or public): $1,500 USD
  5. Get custom consulting or analysis (private): to be determined based on needs and complexity, or book some time at a half-day rate of $1,500 USD.

If you’re looking for help with a problem, a product insight, a strategic direction or an analysis of where the world is heading, you’ve come to the right place.

You may sponsor The Diary of a Mad Man weekly newsletter for $5,000 USD. In return, that gets you the following:

  • It gets emailed to the inbox of our entire list of subscribers
  • A custom-designed banner image that includes your logo, consistent with the brand of Humanizing Tech that introduces the newsletter.
  • The newsletter post stays featured on the Humanizing Tech homepage for a week.
  • A focused section at the top of the newsletter announcing you as the week’s sponsor along with a short message and link of your choosing.

We align with Medium’s Creative Exchange pricing program, with our price for a single sponsored analysis at $1,500 USD. In return, that gets you the following:

  • Our unbiased opinion on a topic of your choosing, as long as it aligns with the intersection of Tech and Humanity.
  • A similar length and style of our other publicly published analyses.
  • A featured position on our homepage for at least one day, if you choose the analysis to be public.
  • A link to the analysis in our weekly newsletter, if you choose the analysis to be public.

IV. Important Notes

Trust and quality are, for us, the two unassailable truths for how we operate. If we say we’re going to do a thing, we do that exact thing. Similarly, if you request that something remain strictly confidential, proprietary, or off-the-record, we will honor your request. That doesn’t just mean to not talk about it publicly on Humanizing Tech, but it also means we won’t allude to it privately in conversation either. Like doctor-patient confidentiality, consider this our Think Tank Confidentiality promise.

Finally, we will not automatically recommend any product or service for any monetary incentive, regardless of amount. The trust we have built over a long-tenured career is not for sale, nor is our ethical or moral fiber.

V. Contact

You may email our Founder and Editor in Chief privately or connect with him publicly on Twitter to discuss your needs further.

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