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"Launched by Piksel: Dr. Oz’s Global TV Channel for Multilinguals" in Humanizing Technology

Dr. Oz and Oprah celebrating success. In purple gloves :)

Introducing Jungo TV

Remember Oprah? Remember her medical friend, Dr. Oz? We just used our Piksel video platform to launch his multi-cultural channel globally.

It’s called Jungo TV, is made for a multi-cultural audience who speaks different languages. We often, at least in the US, forget that we are not the center of the universe. And there is an entire globe of human beings who, go figure, love to watch TV too. But the problem is there’s no place for them to view this content online, in apps, or on smart TVs. So they’re left not able to feel connected to their home country, culture, and people who matter to them.

So, you need someone to take all of this content from all these different broadcasters and providers, collect it together, organize it, and push TV out to every device (mobile, desktop, TV), operating system, and cellular connection all over the world. That’s what Piksel is great at.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Dr Oz and his new channel, have a read through our press release, which was just picked up by Streaming Media magazine (it’s the go-to publication in the digital TV/movie business).

The Mission of Video

That’s why we do what we do at Piksel. Sure, we’re a business. But we also have a very real mission to help spread messages that matter to everyday people. Whether that’s spiritual, entertaining, educational, or governmental, we built a single platform that can handle every type of content and audience across The Entire Continuum of Video, whether that’s live streaming or previously recorded on demand.

Piksel’s been doing live and VOD for the biggest channels and broadcasters in the world for decades.

In fact, you may not know this because we operate behind the scenes of many videos you’ve probably watched from our platform without every knowing it. We power as many subscribers as Netflix globally, including 30% of the top OTT subscribers on the planet (the rest have in-house solutions they’ve built like Netflix).

That’s as many as Netflix, to give you a sense of our scale.

Here’s to replacing the pixels of grainy video with the Piksel’s of connection.

— Sean

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