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Preparing for The Shift

Products for the Fund of the Future

I. Defining the Shift

There is a particular type of person who spends his or her life trying to understand the mechanics of how things work, are interested in knowledge as a pursuit of its own benefit, and who operate with an open heart. Some might skew to one or two of those points on the triangle more than others, but the qualities are there. Someone with these qualities can easily recognize another fairly quickly.

This is just my definition, but each of these individuals is likely to have a different litmus test.

In all cases, however, they feel a shift that’s coming. We can’t quite place our finger on it, but we see how the interconnectedness of the macro-system is ripe for a fundamental change and there are things at work that are about to force it to tip. Our entire world-view and economic model might get flipped upside down.

When that happens, we need to be prepared for it, collectively as a group.

It’s in this vein that we choose our next projects with care and rigor either to enable something new that hasn’t existed before or to protect something we cherish and don’t want to see evaporate.

The Fund of the Future takes this as its soul, while the arms, legs, heads, and hearts are built around it. Past projects may not fit perfectly, but future ones most definitely will.

II. Current Ownership

Below are the products, technologies and companies that we currently have an equity ownership stakes in:

  • PROME’s Biologic Intelligence [AI]: Ownership in a fundamental protocol that can unlock and enable entirely new capabilities across a variety of industries. General Intelligence has been the holy grail of computer scientists since the dawn of the 1 and 0. We have proven taht this is the first step.
  • The Mission & Humanizing Tech [Media]. Ownership in not just the biggest media publication on Medium, but in a property that pushes positivity over negativity of the rest of the world with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math as well as more philosophical motivations.
  • Piksel’s Video Platform [Video]. Ownership in the global online video platform for live and on demand video that serves global broadcasters and social influencers alike.
  • Adam & Luna’s StoryApp [Social, VR]. Even though the original startup has shut down, we continue to own the intellectual property for a 3-dimensional universe of stories that help you connect with and trust other people by slowly unlocking truths about one another. What started as a simple “record your voice over multiple photos” with an emotionally responsive animated character will one day be resurrected in a AR/VR space.

III. In Progress

We are in the process of building out the relationships, technologies, products, and business models for the following:

  • Health: predicting what’s about to go wrong with your body so you can prevent it.
  • Service: smart robotics in service of an aging or disabled population.
  • Sales & Marketing: more efficient processes to distribute new ideas, technologies, products, and solutions.
  • Investing: take control of your own financial destiny.

IV. Future Ownership

As one glimpse into a possible future, written at the beginning of 2017, look no further than:

12 Tech Theses of the 2030s

Sean Everett

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