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Richard, please leave my Maria alone.

Richard, please leave my Maria alone. She has been only protecting my, and our, best interests. She is my fiancé so any attack against her is an attack against my family. Which neither of us take lightly. We are attempting to enlighten, not undermine. Truth be told she’s one of the most kind, giving, and loving people I know. But she also stands up for things she believes in. And I stand up for her.

In this case, the first sentence of your reply to this article as of you challenging my virtue, seemingly believing I was a naysayer for AI without having read the detail of my thoughts or past articles. I have worked in Artificial Intelligence for years, have a Mathematics and Actuarial Science undergrad degree, and know intimately the work that is happening in Biologic Intelligence. The point was never that AI isn’t beneficial, but that Biologic is the next step. And that it requires someone to actually build it not just say it’s an inevitability. Deep science doesn’t just magically happen. Heck, I’ve had a number of conversations with investors in the Valley who are scared to invest. Because it’s too new. Not enough groupthink yet. So, unless someone physically wills it and manifests it into existence, it ain’t gonna happen. Science fiction is a nice bedtime story, but the people who build it often aren’t the ones who write it. But we’re doing a bit of both, in this case. In fact Maria has invested heavily in Biologic Intelligence, as well as in our love.

Please, if you’d like to pick on someone, pick on me. And lets use the brains as the battlefield and the cracks in our faces as the bloody scarred wrinkles that prove our experience in such matters of the mind.

The point? You show us your work, and what you’ve built, and we’ll show you ours. In the meantime, again, please leave my future wife alone. Then pick on a futurist your own size.

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