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🚀 Rocket Ship Stories: August 2016

  1. Self-Driving Cars: with a $1 trillion market at stake, some folks are realizing Deep Learning is not the holy grail humanity had hoped for. As a result, executives are leaving the one group who’s reached L3 autonomy, Google[X]. Apple brought Mansfield back and he’s pushing self-driving but they don’t yet have a differentiator for their Titan project. Fortunately, we’re working on a solution to L4 true self-driving autonomy with an expert in the field of biological animal nervous systems and robotics. He’s been building artificial neurons for 20 years and could represent the future of space exploration. Stay tuned.
  2. Marketing: our story was featured in the Startup Grind publication about how to get 44,000 Facebook fans in 2.5 months by spending an hour a day and only $800 in ads. It already has 350 recommends from thousands of readers who are trying to make their own startup dreams come true.
  3. Space: we took a tour of SpaceX’s rocketship factory who might just have a secret that stops traffic on the 405 in a few weeks. Nike and SpaceX could be working on a smart space shoe ahead of the 2018 Mission to Mars.
  4. Artificial Intelligence: we managed to get our hands on exclusive inside information for Intel’s acquisition of Nervana for their AI platform. We tell you how much Nervana charges per month and give you the product deck they use to pitch customers.
  5. Social Media: we had another story featured in one of the biggest publications on Medium, The Mission, about the future of Snapchat and Instagram Stories. It’s unlike anything else you’ll read on the internet about the two products.
  6. Human Behavior: how Pringle’s almost failed in the late 60s, but uncovered the secret to product market fit, and how that related to the Civil Rights movement. If you haven’t found traction, this might help you might understand why.
  7. Investing: if you’ve got $100, should you invest in Apple or Facebook? We’ve updated our open-source valuation model following the public company’s Q2 2016 earnings releases. We give away the soup-to-nuts approach for our personal hedge fund return of +20% in just 7 short months.
  8. Augmented Reality: one of our friends, a developer and patent expert, got early developer access to the Microsoft Hololens and gave us his first impressions. Reply to us if you’ve got product concept ideas or are already building something for the product so we can write about you.
  9. Video: a white paper and explanatory piece on the future of broadcast video as it makes its way into places like the Apple TV. The secret is the metadata extracted using artificial intelligence. Expect this to get increased importance in the coming year as Apple tries to level up, and go over-the-top of the over-the-tops.

🏡 A New Home

We’ve somehow managed to bend the internet to our will and secure an address the same as our name. Whoda thunk. If you find that you miss a few of our daily stories or just want to take a stroll down memory lane, come on over. The door’s always open.


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We’ve found there’s something missing in the tech world that we want to see exist. No more fundraising or valuations. No more hacks or tutorials. No more interviews with luminaries. NO MORE GROUPTHINK.

Instead, shouldn’t we try for something better? Something that provides resources for humanity to pull itself further. Something where we give away patentable product ideas for free.

Something where we seek knowledge, not just news.

From the above it appears as if our movement continues to resonate with at least some folks out there in the Universe. Or maybe it’s just the curiosity of peeking inside the diary of a mad man.

— Sean

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