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🚀 Recent Rocket Ship Stories

  1. Human Behavior: On dealing with bad PR and rumor control, sometimes the most important technique is the one you never considered.
  2. Space: As VC investment and startups begin in space, we describe where the entire kit n kaboodle is headed when space becomes a platform.
  3. Investing: An open-source tool for investing and getting +11% returns in the 2016 stock market.
  4. Health: Surgery is a cave man concept. Instead of ripping our insides open and tinkering around, why can’t we detect and cure from the inside out?
  5. Video: Featured in another publication, chatbots for Star Wars describes how you might one day watch a movie. I know, because we’re building it.

📺 A New TV Channel?

We’re considering starting our own TV channel here on Humanizing Tech, covering similar topics to what you see in our navigation bar: space, AI, investing, health, video, energy, etc as well as major tech companies.

Each episode would be no longer than a few minutes in length and expose insights to where the largest tech companies are investing for future product launches to help inform your own entrepreneurial or corporate roadmap.

If you’re interested in a TV channel or want deeper research on a specific topic or company, vote here.

— Sean

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