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Thank you for such a thoughtful reply.

Thank you for such a thoughtful reply. I’ve heard of the human brain project. That’s a billion dollar fiasco. The real problem is the amount of time and effort it takes to appropriately mag an organism.

A roundworm has been done, partial progress on a fuit fly and zebra fish but lots of data spread out all over the place in different research papers and the like. A worm has 300 connections, a human 100 billion connections. Scaling up to that level of complexity isn’t going to be easy nor fast. We’re talking decades.

And practically speaking, it’s not just about the brain, but about the entire brain AND nervous system. The entire electrical wiring and connections need to be mapped.

Regarding an asteroid, yes I believe you’re correct that a larger asteroid would be easier to detect but practically speaking even if we had a year notice or even a decade, could we realistically get our entire civilization onto another planet if it was an extinction-level event and couldn’t redirect its flight path? Scary thought. So enjoy the calculator, at least as an intellectual curiousity. Oy!

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