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I. Overview

Over the last few months I’ve become a bit more serious with what I post on Humanizing Tech. This daily publication has been around for the better part of a decade, beginning on WordPress (2007) and Posterous (2008), moving to Tumblr (2011), then to Quora (2013), and finally finding a beloved home on Medium (2015).

The problem for me had always been finding a place where intelligent people hung out online and were interested in the same things I was. The social networks were all too much selfie and six-packs for my content, Linkedin was inundated with adding me to its professional network, and

Only recently, however, have I began making the art you see at the top of every post. I’m not going to give away my secret method here, as I’m still exploring what my personal style is, but I’m starting to hone in on something that I like and am a bit proud of. At the end of the day, make something for yourself, right?

II. The Art

So, without further ado, below are the high res images of my most favorite pieces created over the last two months.

Holographic Stories

Smart Space Shoes

40,000 Facebook Fans

Delta Double Down

Interstellar iPad

Smart Homes

Dear Diary

Cool Cloud Cars

Self-Leafing AI

I’ve got a few pieces in progress that I’m really in love with but can’t show yet because the stories aren’t published. So, I may just do this again. Give me a shout if you want the original image that isn’t downscaled by Medium.

— Sean

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