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"The Future of Video Advertising Online" in Humanizing Tech

How Millennials figured out Ads 3.0

I. Overview

Apple’s iOS 10 continues to block ads. People are leaving normal TV cable subscriptions in droves and watching online video through their home internet connection (e.g., Apple TV).

Interrupting your favorite movies and TV shows is an obsolete model. Kids simply find a way around them. Big brands are spending millions of dollars on something that doesn’t get seen or clicked.

There are more Millennials than Baby Boomers.

Ads 3.0 are completely different. Snap video lenses and geo filters. Or seeing a millisecond ad while fast-tapping through millisecond videos called a “Story” on both Instagram and Snap.

PS, will Instagram also shorten its name to just Insta because it’s all about video clips. Instaclips? Snapclips?


II. The Next Frontier

Have a watch of the wonderful Shane Smith (Vice founder) lecture below. Start at about 15 mins in unless you want the entertainment of the intro. He lays out the state of the land as succinctly as anyone. And he’s been in the middle of the media business for multiple decades. In short, you can trust his sense of the market. And I can confirm it.

Thanks to Kevin M Joyce for putting me onto this one.

In short, Shane’s arguing that mass consolidation is happening, or at least trying to, in order to reach the millennial market. That’s why you see Disney make many media acquisitions as a marketing channel for their highest value content.

He also mentions Vice’s strategy. Funny enough, it’s almost like Apple’s. After decades of vertical integration being out of vogue we now see a media company doing it. Create all the high value content yourselves, distribute it through your own media channels (up to 50 broadcast “networks” now) for different geographies, languages and cultures.

Finally, Shane offers the Top 5 most popular content for his audience. I won’t give away the secret, it’s about halfway through the video but #1 is music and it’s all about social rights issues.

III. Ads 3.0

The first question you might be asking yourself is why I call everything new version 3.o. Isn’t that just silly? Well there’s a method to my madness. Mostly because I believe all of these things will no longer be separate but begin to converge.

Health 3.0 and Energy 3.0 and Video Ads 3.0.

What you are beginning to see here is a new type of ad that, well, doesn’t look like an ad. Instead of inserting a 30 second spot in standard primetime cable TV, you see it shrinking to a 10 second ad with the sound off. Geico just did one for Facebook where there was a text overlay instead of a talk track and zero sound.

On Snap, the ads aren’t even videos. Of course you can still insert a few millisecond commercial in between someone’s live story but that’s not very fun. And Snap stands for fun.

So, ads in that land look like geo filter stickers (Straight Outta Compton or Straight Outta Minneapolis). Or video lenses where you’re wearing a sombrero on a beach for Corona.

Finally, in our augmented reality future, you will see a digital Coke can resting on your very real table. The only problem comes when you try to grab it and take a drink but you whiff because you’re only swiping through air.

Does that leave a bad taste in your mouth? Or does it make you order a case of Coke from Amazon?

— Sean

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