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The Next Motor of the World

Fountainhead News: Feb 15, 2017

Well over 100 years ago a battle was raging in the nascent technology industry of the day. It was the first step to what we now consider critical infrastructure.

A mechanism for power that enabled transportation.

At first it was horse power. That was okay but it didn’t let us go very fast nor very far, didn’t carry much, and only held one person at a time. An animal did that.

The second was the steam engine. It gave us more power by switching from an animal to a machine, but it required we carry around a bunch of water and that we have a heat source, like burning wood to transform H20 into steam. Again, it had its limitations. You couldn’t capture that energy for later use, nor was it very mobile. Imagine your iPhone being powered by a bag of water. Sounds silly.

The biggest quantum leap came from the real Tesla. He invented the alternating current electric motor. It changed everything. We could now transform a variety of things into electric power, including natural things like rivers. His choice of electrical current enabled it to be transferred over long distances.

But it wasn’t without a fight. Tesla was a nobody and he was competing against Edison, the big shot, famous inventor of the light bulb in the war of AC versus DC. How do you even compete against that?

I’ll tell you how. With a better technology. With a better engine. A better motor of the world.

“I am John Galt, and I will stop the motor of the world.”

So, as we sit here squarely on the precipice of the next motor, Artificial Intelligence, a new war is being waged. Only this one a bit more in secret. The battle for the new Motor of the World. And there are two competing “electric currents”.

Deep Learning is the first, and the most widespread throughout the industry. The biggest thinkers. The most money. But it has a very serious flaw. It requires data (i.e., carrying around water) for it to work. A steam engine powered by data.

The underdog is Biologic Intelligence, a new general intelligence engine based on, get this, animals. It doesn’t require carrying around all the same stuff that Deep Learning does (i.e., data) and it gets you farther. An electric motor powered by biology.

And so you have a dude tinkering in his workshop, who’s invented the electric motor AND alternating current, that was inspired by the first thing that gave us power (horses), but is competing against the most famous people in the industry.

The “smart money” is betting on the new Edison and the new motor of Deep Learning because they either haven’t been shown a better way, or shun it because they’ve already dug their heels in too deeply.

But make no mistake. Biologic Intelligence is the future Motor of the World. It requires less stuff and gets you more out the other side.

History may not repeat, but it’s damn sure rhyming.

Can you hear it?


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