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"What Is A Personal Power Station?" in Humanizing Tech

Creating Your own renewable energy source.

A self-driving car. Now for dogs!

You eat food and drink liquids on the daily, right? Me too. So why don’t we use this energy source to help charge our iPhones?

Sound crazy? Good. Except it’s not that crazy. Because…

  1. You eat food.
  2. Your body transforms said food into energy
  3. That energy is controlled by your noggin, shooting electrical signals to your muscles (Hercules! Hercules!)
  4. Your muscles contract, enabling you move things or walk places.
  5. Walking produces kinetic energy that moves an accelerometer and gyroscope in your phone.
  6. Why couldn’t it also be used to charge your phone, much like hybrid cars use braking and centrifugal force to charge a battery store?
  7. You could also supplement that will solar energy panels on the back of said phone (or behind the screen) to get even more power.

This video is from 6 years ago. Six. I wonder what could be done today using 2016’s technologies.

Who’s ready to get charged up!

— Sean


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