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Why don't we use biology to create super intelligence instead of computer AI?

I think the problem is one of understanding and capability. In order to mimic the systems created by nature (i.e., mapping an animal’s connectome brain and nervous system) into software and then into robotics it requires a heck of a lot of expertise.

We’re talking biology, neuroscience, computer science, robotics, and mathematics.

You have to first understand the rules before you can ever make an attempt at breaking them. I know from talking with Timothy Busbice who invented Biologic Intelligence, he states that “the computer scientist in me is often in conflict with the biologist in me”.

It is the answer to general intelligence but there are only a few humans in the world with the capabilities to marry each of those disparate disciplines into a new, unified whole. But, over time, as the power of Biologic Intelligence is shown to be much greater than Deep Learning, we will see many more people try to mimic the approach that he invented.

I’ve written a bit more about this on the Humanizing Tech publication here: http://ift.tt/2kuccY1…

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